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Should I use a Unix (Linux, SunOS, BSD, etc.) or Windows NT (Windows 2000) based server?

Answer by Web Hosting Ratings:

Which operating system you decide to use should depend on what features you need.  For example, if you are already using IIS, ASP, VBScript, Windows Media, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, or Visual InterDev, and you don't have the time to learn Unix-based solutions, you'll have to choose a Windows NT or Windows 2000-based host.  Just because your desktop is Windows-based doesn't mean you should use a Windows host.  You may notice that Linux-based operating systems and Apache Web servers are most common among web hosting companies.  This due to Apache's many shared-hosting features, a good track record of stability and performance and because Linux and Apache are free.  In addition to cross-platform products like Java or Cold Fusion, it is also possible to find hosts that run unusual combinations that for example let you use Apache on Windows NT or ASP on Linux.

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