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Average customer rating: 5.4 out of 10 based on 2 votes


fine print in unlimited transfer - Review by submitted on April 4, 2002
Customer's web site: N/A
Length of time hosted by this company: Private
Date when last hosted by this company (as of April 4, 2002): Private
Plan used: all
Customer service rating: Private
Technical quality rating: Private
Cost rating: Private
Overall rating: 3 out of 10
From Bright-Byte's Terms and Conditions (

"Sites containing archives or galleries or offering files for download do not qualify for unmetered traffic unless the file types involved (e.g. .jpg, .gif, .tar, .gz, .exe, .zip etc) make up less than 20% of the site's total traffic;"

If all of your files stored on their server were accessed at the same frequency, you would have to have 400MB of html docs, and only 100MB of everything else. 

"If your site does not qualify for unmetered traffic and if your monthly traffic exceeds 1 Gigabyte then any traffic over and above 1 Gigabyte will be charged at $2.50US/100Mb."

At that cost, bills at could rack up _very_ quickly. representative's response:

As you have chosen to keep all your information private I am unable to determine if you have ever hosted with our company, but that is irrelevant as if you had you would be aware that to date we have never had to charge or suspend anybody for excessive resource use, the only time we have had to do anything like this was when we terminated a certain account for breach of terms of service and that was for adult content which we do not allow.

If you are genuinely concerned about this matter I welcome you to contact me so we may discuss it further and also to tell you more about our new packages that we will be releasing soon for heavy resource web sites which workout to be very affordable for even extremely high traffic sites.

P.S what an unfortunate choice for an email address.



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