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AVOID THIS SCAM AT ALL COSTS! - Review by Anonymous submitted on March 4, 2003
Customer's web site:
Length of time hosted by this company: less than a month
Date when last hosted by this company (as of March 4, 2003): Less than 3 months ago
Plan used: Start-Up
Customer service rating: 1 out of 10
Technical quality rating: 2 out of 10
Cost rating: 1 out of 10
Overall rating: 1 out of 10
The telltale sign should have been when I noticed that their "Seasonal Special" end date changes to coincide with the current date.

I changed from PHPWebHosting to GISOL only two weeks ago - mostly because they touted their "Award Winning" customer service and 24/7 support but also because the price seemed to be very reasonable.  In the many pre-sales emails that I sent asking questions, I got nearly immediate responses from a courteous company representative. I signed up for the "Start-Up" account and prepaid for the entire year (3 months added on for free!). However, after moving my site(s) to the new host I experienced severe response time problems and several failed MySQL processes.  I requested information about the server loads and why my sites suddenly seemed to be extremely slow.  They said that possible "rogue" accounts were the culprit and that serverload statistics were not available to their customers.

This afternoon, they suspended my account - bringing to a halt my website(s) and all of my email.  I began calling the 1-888 customer support number at 4:45 PM CST and continued to receive a busy signal until 7:00 PM when I fianlly gave up.  During this time, I also submitted THREE "Trouble Tickets" requesting information about the reson behind my suspended account.  Nearly two hours later I received my first response - "He's running a lot of slow SQL queries for such a small table, and MySQL is eating up a lot of CPU time. See /var/lib/mysql/server945-slow.log".  These exact same sites with the exact same queries have been on 2 prior webhosts with not a single complaint - but suddenly my PHPNuke sites were server hogs? GIVE ME A BREAK!!! They offer MySQL as a free service - how can they complain when people use it? Who is the moron that setup the MySQL on this box becuase this thing has been garbage since the day I got up and running!

It is now 6 hours after I discovered that my sites and all of my email were non-functional.  And yes, I had to discover it, they did not send me any notice at all.  Nothing is working - I have requested that the restore my access to the FTP and databases so that I may pull my latest information and files - I have yet to receive a response.




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