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Please note that this form is only for web host company's representatives.  Responses from others will not be posted.  Customers should submit new reviews or email the original reviewer instead.

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ughghgh - Review by chris submitted on January 22, 2003
Customer's web site: Submitted but not made public
Length of time hosted by this company: 3 months - 1 year
Date when last hosted by this company (as of January 22, 2003): 3 months - 1 year ago
Plan used: webmaster and standard
Customer service rating: 3 out of 10
Technical quality rating: 3 out of 10
Cost rating: 1 out of 10
Overall rating: 3 out of 10
I selected Liquid Web because their feature list looked good, they appear to be on the php/mysql bandwagon, and relative to most hosts, their site design is almost palatable (or at least it was until they added flash with looping music- lol - I think they are either very young or they're desparately aging). The few times I've contacted them, they've been polite and response time has been between 2-30 hours. I purchased an account for posting project sites and it was fine, the sporadic downtimes didn't really affect my projects and the sporadic mail service just meant that sometimes I had to wait for email, and the fact that a 11k page was slow to load didn't really matter either since it wasn't really a live page. 

Then I actually had to post a working site for a friend who wanted to use whatever host I was using ... The account was not activated the first go 'round, so a month after the account had been ordered I checked in with LW and they activated it.  I then got the "welcome letter" giving me the IP to use while the dns was propogating.  The IP took me to with only "parent directory" and "cgi bin" links present, no login to the account.  Going to the parent directory of course dumped me into the directory structure for (what the heck kind of name is that anyway, if not a p***n site?).  I emailed tech support and the response said that I needed to use the IP provided in the "welcome letter" (duh) and if I wanted a unique IP address I would have to upgrade to a pro account (huh?).  It was news to me that they're doing IP sharing, but that's a whole other issue (BTW NEVER buy hosting from company that does IP sharing. There is no reason for it, and the damage it can do your search engine rankings is difficult to recover from) however, discovering that the IP address was shared with another domain still did not explain to me how to access the account. Successive emails elicited the same circular response that I would have to upgrade to a pro account for a unique IP ...completely ignoring my issue -- that I was unable to access the account, even after I sent a screen shot. I figured I'd deal with the shared IP addessing another time.  I finally managed to get a login from when I clicked on the cgi_bin .... now what the heck is that all about? I got it to work, but I am moving my own account immediately. 

Use this host if your site is static html and you don't care if the speed or uptime of your site is sporadic, ie. your site is personal or a hobby site

I do think the issue might have been more easily resolved if I had been communicating with the same person throughout... and maybe I was? the responder was billing@liquidweb... and some guy named Matt.  Previously, I'd corresponded with Zac and Ross, and found them both to be helpful.  If you're stuck with LW, try to work with Zac or Ross. 

I have rated Liquid Web's value based on offerings and cost as 1 -worst because there is no value in shared IP addressing to me as a customer.  That only benefits the host by saving them a couple dollars per customer. 



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