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Pretty solid thus far... - Review by Dominick submitted on August 21, 2002
Customer's web site: N/A
Length of time hosted by this company: 1 month - 3 months
Date when last hosted by this company (as of August 21, 2002): Current customer
Plan used: Platinum Reseller
Customer service rating: 9 out of 10
Technical quality rating: 9 out of 10
Cost rating: 10 out of 10
Overall rating: 8 out of 10
I decided to give these guys a shot after my previous host "upgraded" (read: removed SMTP functionality, changed IPs/passwords/IDs) without my prior knowledge and pretty much devastated my business.

Keep in mind that this service is not completely "point-and-click" like many of the others. You have a greater level of control over the site configs than with many of the other host accounts, and as such the control panel may be somewhat confusing at first.

If you are in a hurry to get things rolling, I would recomend a degree of server admin experience, or some REAL knowledge about web development (more than just Front Page and AOL site builder).
On the other hand, if you have some time and a few domain names just laying around doing nothing, you can take your time to get familiar with the WebIntellects environment. I had the luxury of creating an account and using a spare domain name to play around with for a few weeks before transferring my existing customers, so all my changes have gone smoothly.

I agree with the last reviewer that the user guides are a little hazy, but that's where my experience came in handy - I was able to overcome some of the problems that are not clearly identified in the documentation. I took a few pages of notes while experimenting and I no longer need the documentation.

The sales and tech support has been friendly, patient and helpful. Yes, it would be nice to have 24x7 live support, but let's face it - nobody offers that level of support in this price range. I have been promised that email support is available 24x7 but haven't found the need to try it just yet. I can say that my email requests for DNS revisions have been answered within 2 hours, which I am thrilled with.

So far, so good...It's only been about 6 weeks since I opened the account but I think it's a solid service.



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