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Host Monitor - Web Hosting Ratings

 Uptime Monitoring Methodology

  • We monitor websites of customers who use each host, not that host's own site.  This gives a true picture of host's performance from the point of view of its customers.
  • Website is marked as down when it cannot be accessed from two distinct geographic and network points in 10 seconds.  It is possible for a site to be marked as down when it is actually working but just extremely sluggish.  However, this distinction won't matter to this site's visitors.
  • Sampling is done at least twice per hour, 24 hours a day.
  • We try to monitor multiple sites for each host.  Bigger hosts have multiple servers, so it is important to monitor multiple customer sites to get a good representation of host's performance. 
  • We make sure that each site is actually hosted at its assigned host and we check periodically for a possible move to another host.
  • Bandwidth and server usage for monitored sites should be very minimal.
  • We don't just check network connectivity by using the ping network tool but we actually request a page from each site to verify whether the web server software is working as well.
  • We don't use any third party monitoring service; we run our own custom software.
  • Periodically, we run a program verifying that domains are still hosted with their matching hosts. 
  • This service is absolutely free.

Host Monitoring

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