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Here are some things you should know before finding a "cheap" or inexpensive web host.

  • You should pay very careful attention to the terms of use and the acceptable use policy of that host.  Please see our list of Hosting Gotchas for some things to look out for.
  • You can find a good deal because web hosting industry is very competitive but if a host is way too cheap for the features it offers compared to others, don't go with them.
  • Going with a cheap host requires extra research: read the reviews of that host on this site, look for any information about them in the search engines, see how long they have been in business.
  • Visit the support pages and see if you are comfortable with the level of support offered by this host.  You can't expect to get the greatest and fastest support for every little problem you have by paying less than $5/month.  Such a business would fail soon because qualified support personnel costs money. 
  • Larger companies and Windows plans are usually more expensive.
  • Cheap hosts oversell space and bandwidth, counting on the fact that most people won't use them fully.  This is normal and you shouldn't be kicked out if you do use all your allocated space and bandwidth.
  • Cheap hosts often don't fully control their servers - they might have a dedicated server with another company to make their costs lowest possible, so they are sometimes forced to rely on others to perform some physical tasks like replacing some hardware on the server.

Top web hosting companies with plans below $100/year:





You can use our Price Search page to look for other inexpensive web hosts.

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