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Earthlink: Okay, but unpleasant surprises - Review by Tom Brosnahan submitted on May 16, 2003
Customer's web site:
Length of time hosted by this company: 1 year - 3 years
Date when last hosted by this company (as of May 16, 2003): Current customer
Plan used: First Site
Customer service rating: 7 out of 10
Technical quality rating: 6 out of 10
Cost rating: 5 out of 10
Overall rating: 5 out of 10
Earthlink has hosted my site for about 3 years, and most of the time it's been okay. However, I find their own websites exceedingly confusing and difficult to use. Perhaps because it is an amalgam of several companies (bought up over the years), their procedures can be confusing.

Then there's yesterday: I just got broadband, wanted to tinker with my site's POP email addresses, fought through their websites for an hour, gave up and called for an online chat. It went fine, and I finally found my way to the control panel. The panel didn't let me do what I wanted to do, but I solved the problem elsewise. But...

Recently when I've uploaded pages to the Earthlink server the login message has informed me that I've used about 12% of my disk space allocation. Today I try to upload a page and all of a sudden I've used 113%! I'm over my limit! Wha'?

I think the chat guy noticed I had an old, cheap account and tweaked it so I'd upgrade. Okay, maybe it IS time to upgrade, but that's not how I'd like to be told.

I complained today. The Customer Support rep didn't answer my question about why my disk allocation had shrunk by an order of magnitude overnight, he suggested that I upgrade--at twice the cost of my current plan.

I have the feeling that Earthlink is not a bad company (AOL, anyone?), but it's sort of held together by spit, gum and bailing wire.



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