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Idiots at Invite Internet - Review by David Rager submitted on March 26, 2002
Customer's web site:
Length of time hosted by this company: 3 months - 1 year
Date when last hosted by this company (as of March 26, 2002): 3 months - 1 year ago
Plan used: basic plan
Customer service rating: 1 out of 10
Technical quality rating: 1 out of 10
Cost rating: 1 out of 10
Overall rating: 1 out of 10
Invite moved accounts from different servers into new servers, and had a new administrator who didn't understand the hosting service.  They claimed all customers were informed - we were not.  The said if we had email hosted with Invite we probabaly would not have gotten the email (lucky customers).  We had our own private email listed and still did not receive any notice of the moves.  Our site was down (small private site - not regularly used) for over a month and we were never contacted concerning any problems.  I cancelled service and was billed again the following month.  I contacted them daily at one point to get a refund but did not receive the refund until over three months after we cancelled and four months after the site originally went down.  I complained to the BBB as well. 

The whole experience was a complete joke. 

As another note, I also hosted a government site with them prior to this.  Their site also went down and all the data was lost.  The site had to be restored from an old backup.  They were not notified as well as to the problems but discovered it on their own.



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