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Started out great, got worse from there - Review by Vianne submitted on April 19, 2002
Customer's web site:
Length of time hosted by this company: over 3 years
Date when last hosted by this company (as of April 19, 2002): Current customer
Plan used: LifeTime
Customer service rating: 3 out of 10
Technical quality rating: 10 out of 10
Cost rating: 10 out of 10
Overall rating: 7 out of 10
I started with nomonthlyfees in November 1999 and now have about 6 sites hosted with them. I used to recommend my clients go with a monthly feed account, but not anymore. I am now used to dealing with NMF and am used to their customer service etc. I don't like needing to learn new systems all the time. I like NMFs system, and I continue to recommend them to anyone.

I love their automated features, and actually, I like their stats too - tho I think that some of them don't quite work the way the have them set up.

The control panel, according to the way they (NMF) think I access it, is always down, but I bypass their annoying frames version of it, and just access the control panel directly. It has never been down when I did that.

They did about a year ago start treating all their customers like idiots, which I too detest. Especially (am I allowed to name names here? I won't for now, but his name starts with J) He never once answered a question I had - he always answered what HE THOUGHT my question was. I hate that. After about 3 of those, I started getting a little annoyed. They put that down as being rude and told me to open a new ticket and be more polite (I do not need to be reprimanded like a child).

I too have had the laughable fun of their systems not working, telling us to e-mail the address, then answering the e-mail telling us that we should have used the ticket. I too then pick up the phone and just deal with someone. Oh, Mr D. he is fun. Don't get him on the phone coz he put me on hold for 10 minutes, even when he just picks up the phone, without even talking to me.

Their customer service leaves a LOT to be desired, but overall, if you get the females on the technical support, you actually get things done and done properly. Missy, Valerie, I love you gals. Wonderful service. Sorry to be sexist, but the guys are just techies - no communication skills at all (and not all that good at the tech part either). The women have much more tact and they too can get the job done.

As far as systems go and ease of use, here are my 3 "worst things"

The worst thing this company could have done, is to turn off the 10-day trial. I loved that feature. I could set up all the accounts, and then have my client pay for it. Wonderful. Now my client has to go searching through the site and do the transaction. Not fun.

The second worse thing they could have done is change systems without fully testing. Yes folks, in 2001, while I was in the US on holiday, they decided to mess with their systems, knocked my IP address out of whack, and killed half my site. Just the sort of thing you want to deal with while sightseeing. And just after we finished getting everything to work in their new screwed up system, they changed everyone back... and we got to start all over again.

The third worse thing they could have done is to try and charge me for my account when I signed up for lifetime webhosting. I noticed some people mentioned that. When you sign up with these guys, the agreement they have on the site at the time, is the agreement you live by, so print it out, so you can read it to them when they try to get more money out of you than they should. They are not allowed to charge you more than what you agreed to when you sign up. They try, but don't let them.

They don't charge anything on some of my accounts, but if I want to upgrade, or change my account name, they will start charging. So I am keeping my mouth nicely shut now, and just leave things where they are.

I have 2 lifetime accounts, and they are life time - no fees. I have one $35 per year account, and I am still paying $35 per year. If I want to upgrade to 500MB, then I can, but I have to pay $70 per year. I think I'll stick with 200MB. The other accounts are all $70 ones and have 500MB and that's fine with me.

Overall, I love nomonthlyfees, but hate their customer service. I haven't needed customer service very much in the last 3 years, so I can honestly say that I would recommend these hosts. However, if you are one of those people who need customer service, forget nomonthlyfees. Or better yet, find yourself another nomonthlyfees client, and get them to help you. I help other NMF users, and give them much better service than NMF ever gave me :) Anything I can't handle and really is a NMF problem, I use customer support for.



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