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   Plan name: e-Commerce
Host: WRC (UK) (4 plans listed)
Host's Web Site: WRC (UK)
Click the link above to visit this host's site


Monthly price: $39.95
Yearly price: $32.00 / month
Setup fee: $15.00
Disk space: 300 MB
Data transfer: 10 GB / month
Server Operating System: Linux
Database: MySQL
Server software: Apache
POP mailboxes: 300
Mailing lists: 10
Extra space cost: $0.25 / MB
Extra transfer cost: $10 / GB
30 days money back
Rating: 10 out of 10
Based on 1 vote

Server features:
  • SSL
  • SSH or telnet
  • Control panel
  • Usage stats
  • Own IP address
  • Anonymous FTP
  • Access to raw logs
  • Shopping cart

Server programming support:
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Server Java VM
  • Python
  • FrontPage server extensions


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User Reviews and Ratings of WRC (UK)

  • Very good (10 / 10) by Barry submitted on May 7, 2002


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